Animation Instructor @ Froggy Heart

I spend the last 3 months in Moldova, working as Animation Instructor, doing an intensive 3D character animation training for tv-series production. The course was based on my Anim-Weekend course (more about this later!) and on my experience with Scandinavian education principles :)

The company, named Froggy Heart Animation, is funded in United Kingdom but doing the actual production work in Chisinau, Moldova. They are now producing a tv-series based on a book called “A Little Frog’s Heart“. You can read more about this book on the Romanian website, here.

It was an amazing experience, I had 12 students and we were animating like 9 hours/day, 6 days a week. I had to start them all the way from intro to Maya and led them all the way up to acting and dialogue (including). And we only had 8 weeks to do it right!

As I was saying, the course lasted 8 weeks (8-9 hours/day), with an additional 2 weeks for tests (middle and end) and there are 12 students in the class. I was in charge of putting together this intensive course and doing the actual training. The objective was to take them from zero to hero, preparing them for the actual production, making sure they can animate at a certain quality.

Even though it was a very intensive schedule, big pressure and local mentality (!) we also had some fun along the way. I got to visit a bit of Chisinau, I spent the holidays there and, of course, there was the Christmas dinner and local wine.

Good times ! :)


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2 Responses to "Animation Instructor @ Froggy Heart"

  1. mimi says:

    buna.e o scoala de animatie in moldova sau ce e ?

  2. Nu, este un studio de animatie care a aparut acum 1 an de zile si care isi propuna sa realizeze productii de talie mondiala.

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