“The Giant Egg” mini-comic for children

We decided to start a series of mini-comics for children. The first one is called “The Big Egg” and presents  the adventure our four little bugs friends, on a nice spring day. They are very good friends, they live together on The Small Island where they play, learn, explore and every day is a good day for some funny adventures :-).

The mini-comic can also be found directly on Issuu and, of course, below :)

The Giant Egg

The Giant Egg2

The Giant Egg3

The Giant Egg4

I’m trying to also show you a bit about how it was made. So basically, everything was done in Photoshop, from start to finish, in different passes, adding new details every time.

Let’s start with the initial sketches …

cover 01

The Big Egg | the cover

easter comics 1_01

page 01

easter comics 2_01

page 02

easter comics 3_02

page 03

As you can see, these are pretty rough sketches as my goal here was just to give a logical shape to my little story.

And here’s a quick preview of the design workflow for the 2nd page …

easter comics color palette

color palette

easter comics 1_01

01 – initial sketch

easter comics 1_02

02 – final sketch

easter comics 1_03

03 – layout adjustment

easter comics 1_04

04 – cleaning

easter comics 1_05

05 – base color

easter comics 1_06

06 – shadows

easter comics 1_07

07 – highlights

easter comics 1_08

08 – a bit more sharp

I hope this made sense to you and you enjoyed my little inrto into the world of comics … using Photoshop :) Maybe next time I’ll try to do another one using a vector based program like Flash … Until then, keep drawing ! 😀

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