Under Construction project, the fun way!

Take a look at this website, The Small Island, a website created around math, for kids ages 5 to 8. Note that the current spoken language on The Small Island is Romanian, but we have big plans for the future :). The “heroes” in our story are these 4 bugs that are living on The Small Island, each one being in charge of one of the 4 basic math operations.

And while we’re here, I want to say just 2 words regarding the idea of having an under construction page and how we’re using this “excuse” in order to create an engaging community around the project.

When we started this project we wanted to have a different approach: using a different type of navigation where the website will be integrated with math games for kids but also texts, illustrations and animations with our characters. And when I say “kids orientated” I really mean it : -)) hihihi
In fact, the whole website will be kind of “different”, It’ll have a childish look and feel, everything being created with the single purpose of making this game world more believable.

The under construction stage will have 8 steps and currently we’re on the 6th step. Each of these steps is presented as a full page illustration where one can see the characters, their current activities, what’s happened since the last step and so on.
Anyone can follow the progress by returning to the website at least once a month, to see the new step that we’re on and also read the funny descriptions on top of the page.


Besides this, we’ve started a Faceboook page, with the purpose of creating a parents community around the Island. We want to attract parents who’s kids are just starting going to school or the ones that are in the 1st and 2nd grades, because they can understand the value of our project and together we can this world more fun and attractive to kids.

Here’s a link to a Facebook album with all the Under Construction images and here’s another one with a couple of images with The Small Island inhabitants :-)

Wish us luck and see you on The Small Island !

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