We are back, this time in English :)

Welcome to our animated corner, the place where we plan to tell the world something about our projects but also continue this project by adding different animation and design tutorials 😀

Until now, we’ve been writing many articles with animation tips and tricks, tutorials and so on, all in Romanian. But we’ve decided to take a complete shift and, from now on, write and record videos only in English. We are doing this maninly because there is no real animation industry in Romania and, in this context, we think that our Romanian “students” reading this blog should familiarize themselves with the English language, industry terms, expressions, common words and so on.

This being said, our aim is to cover basic and more advanced animation and design topics. But please don’t forget that we’re here for you so, if  you need our advice or if you want to ask a question, don’t be shy and say hi :)

See you soon and … keep animating !

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